Writer’s Block and Wish Lists

Writer’s Block and Wish Lists

I’ve been in hiding. Actually I have been hidden away by work, hidden from the sun, keeping me inside where I’ve become gloomy. This does not suit my personality at all. I have been working on a secret project of late which I absolutely adore- I get to use my skills and love of writing and blogging and this has made such a difference to my life.

I know what I want to do now. Isn’t it strange that it took 6 years after my Leaving Certificate to realise? Well I do now and that’s all that matters. All will be revealed in time.

In other ways it has affected my life badly I’ve become an awful blogger with awful writer’s block and that will have to change! So much for being nominated for an award- I’d have to give it back out of shame! I did see that a few people who’s blogs I love made the shortlist so a big shout out to Damien Broderick and The Two Darlings! Well done!

As I finally have internet again I have filled every single wish list there is online. I have a family wedding in September and have picked at least 50 ‘maybe’ dresses. I’ll probably go for the very first one I picked. It’s payday tomorrow so I think the Asos and Feel Unique baskets will finally be bought. Yay. I really want to try the Mary Lou-Miniser and I definitely need new foundation and skincare. The ‘new’ job is causing serious havoc with my skin. I have also been using the i-White strips so I have a review coming soon. Has anyone else tried these?

I have no other news but there are a few lovely posts on their way soon. I hope everyone had a great weekend-



Ps. Hello new readers from Russia and China! (If you are real)

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  1. Not to worry – we all get writers block! Looking forward to the big reveal. I have also been meaning to back to one of your earlier posts about some luminous skin care product… Hope you’re having as sunny and warm a weekend as we are! xx

    1. Our weather is warm but overcast I wish it would thunder and lightning as it’s just headache season right now! X

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