The Phantom of the Opera!

The Phantom of the Opera!

The Phantom of the Opera!

Two weeks ago we set off for London with my Nana. My sister and I said we would accompany her on a trip to see her favourite show; The Phantom of the Opera. The Phantom of the Opera!I knew the story but not the original show. We set off the day before so we could see the city and do some shopping. My Nana had not been back to London for the best part of 20 years even though she was south of the Thames born and bred. This was so exciting as we could show her new London and was able to show us the old. The city has grown and grown and is more exciting than ever. It took us a while to teach her the Underground, confident enough as we are using it, we would nearly second guess ourselves when asked why we were switching. In the end Nana nearly had it down!

Our hotel, The Shaftesbury, had the most friendly and helpful staff. Very central and easy to hop on and off Paddington tube. Our room comfortably slept 3 people and had a shower with great water pressure! I must also mention the beautiful street it was located on- tall, white buildings, not unlike the ones found on MIC. With every type of Porsche and Lamborghini parked outside. Nana was very impressed with this find. Our breakfast was complimentary each morning and although able to get it delivered to the room we chose to eat in the Hall. Best choice I have seen since The Breakfast Club in Brighton. No pancakes, but decent food that will get you through a day of exploring until dinner.

Speaking of dinner, you might have seen my write up of Balans Soho Society where we ate on Monday night. Great food, great service. By now you also may have noticed that my blog posts will revolve around where I can eat, it had been two days since I had pizza and I was jonesing. Pizza Hut has been promised for Tuesday- most exciting. So that morning we took to Oxford Street, anyone who knows my Nana knows her ability to shop. We had a few hours of snooping until we headed for Liberty. This is where I fell in love.

Valentino.. Black… Tassels.. Leather.. Suede?  Just take my money! Be still my beating heart. With a sinking feeling I put back the jacket of dreams after my sister said she saw something like it in Primark. Well that saved me three grand.

Pizza as promised and quick trip home to jazz ourselves up, we took off for the Haymarket. My Nana was so excited, she was finally going to see her favourite musical. Her Majesty’s Theatre itself has a beautiful front but is sadly covered in scaffolding. The interior was exquisite. We were sitting in the Royal Circle and had the best view. From the set design, to the impeccable voices- I am now a fan. The actors were perfect. It sent shivers down my spine.

I will go on about it for ages yet, if you can please go, it is an amazing experience! A great few days was had and hopefully as my flying nerves are getting better, so are my Nanas and we can take more trips!

Until the next trip-


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