Solo Sunday Shopping!

Solo Sunday Shopping!

This morning I woke up early and thought I’d enjoy a little bit of retail therapy. So I jumped in the car and took off for Cork city. An hour and a half later I was enjoying a strong americano on Paul Street. It was lashing but I didn’t mind, I caught up with comments, emails and read some new blog rolls. The chatter of other people, the shaking off of wet umbrellas, the steam from the coffee machine and the condensation on the Windows- it felt more like a wet Autumn evening rather than a mid summers day! I could’ve stayed there all day.

I visited art galleries and boutiques until I got to Opera Lane- it’s a good thing I was alone. They should have drop off/play areas for boyfriends. I tried everything on and decided nothing was nice until I found this jumper. It is the perfect jumper for me. I need to find tickets to Electric Picnic so I can wear the dresses and raincoat though.. GOLD LAMÈ!!!

Solo Sunday Shopping!Solo Sunday Shopping!Solo Sunday Shopping!Solo Sunday Shopping!Solo Sunday Shopping!
My last stop was Vibes and Scribes- I could spend hours in this store. I picked up tonnes of supplies and something special for a friend who is expecting. I can’t wait to give it to them and meet their little bundle.

It’s been a week of only good things which has made the start of my holidays so much better. Seeing two of my best friends with the keys to their new home yesterday was so exciting- it will be beautiful when they are finished with it. I knew my constant pinning would come in handy!!

Sometimes you need to just do things for yourself. On my way home I had to pull over and take this photograph. We live in an amazing place.




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  1. The description of that cafe sounds absolutely heavenly. I love wintery and autumnal days spent in cafes watching the world go by! That view is absolutely incredible too. I hope you enjoyed your shopping trip! 🙂

    1. Thanks Sian! It was so nice 🙂 it should be mandatory for everyone to take a day for themselves X

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