Setting Goals

Setting Goals

Setting Goals

When it comes to setting goals I am the worlds no.1. When it comes to seeing them through I’m usually the worlds worst.

I love a list, queen list maker, I am really good at adding things I’ve already done so they can crossed off.

This is my ultimate downfall. Therefore I’m writing a list of things I WILL accomplish before New Year’s Eve.

Welcoming 2018 and my 27th year with a new work ethic. However I always plan big and then fall short so fingers crossed!

It begins with Blogmas/Vlogmas. Don’t laugh but it has been a goal of mine for a while. My blog content however never felt right. I’m over beauty blogging, I love beauty blogs and have a hundred friends who do it a million times better. Finding my niche was difficult and lifestyle seems to suit my interests. Baking, fashion, chatty blogs etc- I can’t commit to talking about my favourite lipstick all the time.

So. It will take a lot of work and planning but hopefully if I pull it off, next year content mightn’t be an issue.

Wish me luck, hoping you will enjoy it and actually read or watch.

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