Red Hot Lips!

Red Hot Lips!

As soon as I’m ready for work I usually have to step away from my make up bag/treasure chest. This is because I will find a product I have forgotten about and want to play.

Like this morning I had about 20 mins until I had to be there but that Bourgois Velvet Rouge Edition in Hot Pepper was just too irresistible… All of a sudden I remembered the Wet’n’Wild lipstick I bought I wear under it… 18 minutes.

Swooning over swatches I was then looking for the lipliner to match. It’s blunt. Why don’t I ever sharpen these after use??? *makes mental note to sharpen everything that evening*

16 minutes.. Lining my lips, cursing my sharp and pointy Cupid’s bow. I have no bloody time for this! Already searching for cotton pads to remove it but I keep going until it’s even. 15 minutes.

The Wet’n’Wild lipstick applied I remembered why I bought them together- the Velvet Rouge is very drying. Liberally applying both I am transformed into some from of Tim Burton pale, red cheeked, red lipped creature with wild hair. I have given up ‘styling’ as its shoved into a net these days.

Red Hot Lips!
Gazing in wonder at the colour I realised I now have 12 minutes. Wonderful. I also remembered how hard it was to remove. 11 minutes. Car keys in hand and cotton  pads with any cleanser I can find rammed into my mouth in the vain attempt not to look like a cannibal as I stroll casually through the doors.

Made it to work albeit a little frazzled, sad that I didn’t have that gorgeous colour on anymore!

I’m on holidays next week- guess who is going to wear this colour even in her pjs?



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