Packing Light

Packing Light

I have spent the morning doing laundry, trying to pack and keep it under 10kg. Flying with Ryanair has pro’s and con’s- cheap flights, cheap rules. Still I would rather have my luggage within eyesight instead of left on the tarmac. Therefore packing 5 days into a suitcase the size of a loaf of bread can be difficult enough. The capsule wardrobe becomes your friend! I’m probably stating the obvious here…

Packing Light

  • Pick shoes you know you will wear

This is easy, you know your going to be doing a lot of walking. Pack comfy shoes, we are lucky that trainers are stylish right now and can be worn with practically any outfit. I’ll pack my trusty flats and weather depending wear my Dr. Martens going. I’ll throw some heels in too as this can change a day outfit to dinner outfit in seconds.

  • Outfits that will work for you

Lots of walking, lovely dinner dates and maybe a night or two out on the tiles requires many options but with a few statement pieces and some great accessories you’ll be gorgeous! Jeans, tees, lightweight knits, a silky shirt and an LBD! Mix, match and layer. I know these outfits are going to work. Just like I know that the stilettos and wedges I’d love to bring would cripple me. Nothing says Chic like looking like you need a wee as you amble down the street.

Packing Light

  • Accessories

Your carry on handbag should be big enough that you can sneak those few extra items through and double up as your everyday bag. I like to use my green Indigo bag- it has an inside pocket for important items and is easy to carry! I used it last time we travelled and it was perfect. A small dinner/going out bag or clutch. This will jazz up your outfit and doesn’t take up too much room. Scarves, jewellery and hats can also take up a lot of room- wear the biggest, heaviest items going through check-in. Take them off as soon as you get through! I’m bringing my new hat from H&M, this will hide a multitude of hair issues!

So that’s what I’m trying to stick too! I hope it stays dry, I will deal with the cold. I am also trying to save the kg’s for the way back… you never know what I’ll pick up while I’m there.



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