New Year, New Stationary

New Year, New Stationary

I love a list.
(this may be on ongoing theme throughout my blog, I apologise now)
I write lists a lot, therefore I need a lot of stationary. Nothing feels or looks as good as a new diary.
So coming into a new year a new diary is needed. Last year for my birthday I got this beautiful Paperchase diary-

New Year, New Stationaryit is perfect, nice size and teal. I just needed to find the inserts- not as easy as I thought! Seeing as Paperchase have yet to branch as far out as K-town. I usually source something else but I found that filofax inserts will fit. Problem solved! Now I just use this one for personal use- bills to pay, birthdays, meet-ups and rota etc. It is so handy and I feel less scatty
when I have jotted down thing I need to do. I believe everyone should have one. Although I use my phone diary just as much I think writing it down cements it in my head.

Moving onto blog things- having a notebook on me at all times is necessary for my brain. Car keys, wallet, phone, notebook.
What if I had an amazing idea and no way to write it down. I often have one by my bed so if I wake in the night I can jot it
down and in the morning veto all of them. Notebooks come in literally every shape and size.This is where I have to exercise
control otherwise I would end up carryinga library around with me, I found these fab lightweight notebooks in TK Maxx the other day
for €3.

Perfect for jotting down ideas while out and about. The other purchase I made instore were these beautiful file

New Year, New Stationary

Too fab not to have and I have a weakness for gold. I keep a file labelled ‘Important Shit’ at home but even that is a total mess! I plan to buy a case in which I can sort through the 100’s of pieces of paper that obviously really need to be in my life! Am I the only person who has a fear of throwing out anything with my name on? I keep every bank statement, p60, payslip etc. what do I do with them? They take up so much space.
Honestly need a secretary at this stage but these will at least make me want to do it! I have a birthday coming up and saw these decorations and had to have them.

The tassel bunting is pastels and gold.
I don’t have to explain myself just look- its fab! As well as the bunting I picked up a box of pin wheel decorations- these
guys make me smile like a lunatic. So subtle but totally pinteresting (get it?). I will definetly be revisiting the stationary section of TK Maxx again- although no more notebooks are necessary untill 2017. So now that I have bored you will my haul ditherment I shall sign off with just a quick note I got 3 books for Christmas that I really love- Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter and Grampa’s  Great Escape.(*Please support local bookshops!)

Lousie Pentland or Sprinkle of Glitter released a book that is really just a nice read and something that you can
have a flip through while having some downtime. The other is the newest David Walliams book – this is the first one I’ve read
and even though it is a childrens book I am loving it- very Roald Dahl. It is very sweet and yes I cried. The third is the most beautiful colouring book I’ve ever seen- Harry Potter scenes that I will spend ages doing properly. Such a thoughtful gift I love it!

Hopefully this has brought some comfort to those who also worry that they suffer from a stationary addiction. You are not alone. Unless I am alone in which case I have gorgeous stationary to keep me company!

Happy New Years Eve!


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