New CID Cosmetics- Let Yourself Glow!

New CID Cosmetics- Let Yourself Glow! 

I’m new to New CID but I’m raving about the I-illuminise highlighter we received in the #CorkFashionTrail goodie bags. I’ll make it short and sweet- highly pigmented, easy to use and blend-able. Be prepared to blind people with this highlighter, it packs a punch!

Im definitely wearing this for going out- not subtle enough for day time use I feel. What I really like is that it is refillable, although sheer laziness may get the better of me when it comes to cleaning and changing out the cartridge.

I wasn’t keen about the lip product, I’m not a big fan of wearing gloss. The product itself was nice to wear, not drying or too sticky so I will experiment again. Although I’m not sure if the colour really suited me as it wasn’t very pigmented.

Handy mirror and light up wand for doing your face in the dark. When I showed this to the BF he said the light made me look like I was about to tell him a ghost story. The twist? That I was the crazed axe murderer. Don’t think that was what the brand wanted babe.

Gorgeous packaging and mid range prices- although I would be slow to try any more lip products I’m sold on the I- illuminise highlighter.





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  1. I really like their illuminater, I have to say!
    My favourite part of this post was definitely your bf’s reaction to the light! 😁 😁 😁

    1. He should start his own blog or maybe I’ll have a BF quote in each post from now on. He does come out with some amazing things! haha 🙂

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