My Love of Shirts!

My Love of Shirts!

Shirts and blouses. Collarless, giant collars, collars with sparkles. Short sleeve, long sleeves. Fitted, long, layered. They range from black to grey to white. Sometimes they are patterned.

I love shirts.

Could you tell?

A shirt or blouse for every occasion. Wear them structured, nonchalantly draped or under your favourite jumper or leather jacket, heels or flats. They are my best wardrobe friend!

Some of my all time favourites have been from Marks and Spencer. Great quality, affordable prices AND extra buttons for the larger busted ladies. Nothing worse than a gaping shirt!

They are killing it with their range recently and I searched long and hard for this one. Alexa Chung teamed up with M&S to create the Archive Collection. Jazzing up pieces throughout the years and bringing them into modern times.

My Love of Shirts!
They created this shirt in both white and blush. Victorian ruffles, structured, high collar, the softest cotton. It was a thing of beauty. It was released and sold out within days, I had no luck. Until I searched the sale online- a size 10 just waiting to be popped into the basket! I was even too impatient to iron it for a proper photo. It also makes me feel like I’m in a Tim Burton film.

My Love of Shirts!
Not just content with finally buying THE shirt, I had another snoop and found this floral masterpiece with navy velvet bow. Navy velvet bow!

Limited Edition has always been a favourite collection and this has just been added my own collection. Perfect for late summer into autumn. Another nod to that 70’s boho trend that seems to be trucking along into each season nicely.

The Alexa Shirt was €15.99 down from €50 and the Limited Edition blouse is €40. Finding that shirt was like adding a piece of fine art to a wall. I do have an addiction!

My Love of Shirts!


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