More east coast adventuring

More east coast adventuring

I’ve fallen for Dun Laoghaire in all it’s glory. The seaside, the houses, the proximity to Dublin without being Dublin.

More east coast adventuring
It reminds me so much of Cowes on the Isle of Wight where we would visit my grand parents and great grandparents. The ships in the harbour, ice cream and fresh fish.

More east coast adventuringMore east coast adventuring
I’m a green forest person. I like trees and parks but I think the cute homes swung it for me! I may have to visit again.

We were lucky to get scorching weather so we chilled out in the garden, watching the planes fly over head as they returned to the Air show in Bray.

Evening strolls around the mews, terraces and private lanes fed my real estate appetite. Although now I’m lusting for a 4 floor, big windowed, pale pink palace.

More east coast adventuring

I must remember to play the Lotto.



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