A Love of Sundays

A Love of Sundays

A Love of Sundays

Having worked every Sunday since I was about 14, when I became self employed I also became obsessed with Sundays.

I used to hate them. Unless you’ve worked in retail, you will never understand how much you can truly hate something. It usually  included trying to hide a hangover whilst doing your 17th bra fitting of the day.

My first Sunday off was a revelation. We completed every millennial weekend task possible, it wasn’t that great if I’m honest.

All this time I wanted to be off and doing things and I was happier at home!

Go figure.

Brunch; I hate avacado and I make better eggs at home.

Dog Walks; These have now turned into 3 hour long adventures with NO time limits because we CAN!

Coffee with friends; which then turns into The Sunday Lush, better yet an afternoon at J.M Reidy’s or The Curious Cat. 

Roast Dinners; still mastering that showstopper Yorkshire pudding and enjoying meat free roasts even more.

Hours spent on Pinterest and projects, I’m not one to sleep in either so my favourite time of the day is in the morning, working in my office with a huge cup of coffee.

All the boys stay in bed and I can get work done in my own time with all my backed up Youtube subscriptions. Bliss!

Working for myself this day is vital for my brain to catch up with accounts, invoicing, orders, admin, printing, etc. I’m rubbish at emailing.

True story; My emails get answered in the queue in Aldi. This is actually an amazing time saver, I go to the longest queue and just reply to messages. People must think I’m proper rude but thats the only time it’s getting done.

We don’t go out out anymore, so waking up with a clear head is probably my favourite thing. I don’t know how I used to work through a hangover but my old ass is certainly over it. I much prefer a glass of red or fizz with my roast.

You know what they say “26 is the new 66”, right?

So here’s to the best day of the week,

I hope your day is full of things you love.

And if you work in retail, I salute you.



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