Learning To Share | The Puppy Tale

Learning To Share | The Puppy Tale

Friday four weeks ago, two malnourished puppies arrived to my door at 11pm. I had received a phone call an hour beforehand from BF claiming to have found them and was bringing them home. I automatically thought rehoming. Not the case.

After meeting the two absolute creatures I was first off horrified by the smell. Secondly by their size (12 weeks? Really?), they were going to be huge. Thirdly what exactly were they doing here? We are not ready for puppies.

I ran them a bath and they were so well behaved (probably delighted by the warmth) and we washed away the horrendous stench, filth and grime. They were quite literally coming to life with warm water. Two grateful, doe eyed pups sat so calmly was we dried them that I just knew they were staying.

Learning To Share | The Puppy Tale

Logistics- no idea where they came from, they needed medical attention, BF lives away Monday to Friday, I’m busy all the time… thoughts just kept popping into my head as I watched him roll around on the floor with them like a child.

I’m going to have to be the dick here and ask the real question- Do you expect me to raise them huh?

Deafening silence was broken by puppy squeaks. Well I’ll be around loads and they’ll have each other and..

I went to bed after this as I knew tomorrow was going to be difficult and I love my sleep. Cries kept me up most of the night and the mess I discovered the next morning didn’t help.

Dropped plenty of money off with the vet the next day, chipped and vaccinated they were officially ours. We enjoyed another evening as a foursome and he left the next day. I watched as he drove off and silently cursed him. I’m a big believer in putting things out in to the universe and if they caught wind of my anxiety they’d pounce.

I was already smitten but I kept up my bad cop facade and dealt with any issue that cropped up.

Learning To Share | The Puppy Tale

Monday morning something was up, Buzz wasn’t keeping anything down and couldn’t even hold his own weight. Panicked I went back to the vet who explained he may not even make the night.

WHAT? The poor creature was taken away and put on a drip and I would be contacted later. I felt like I’d just severed my own arm. I tried to keep the tears in and went home to Boots.

Separation anxiety had kicked in (probably from me mostly) and we spent three nights on the couch together. Buzz wasn’t showing any sign of improving. I went twice everyday to hold his massive paw through his isolation cage and cried every time I drove away.

Learning To Share | The Puppy Tale

He wasn’t in my life a week and I couldn’t cope. I cursed my BF for putting my through all of this on my own. Raging that he just sent the occasional ‘how are the boys?’ text.

I’m sure he was more worried than this but I was too cross to care.

Come Friday Boots was now sick too and incarcerated; I was like a lunatic. A week of cleaning up puppy vomit and diarrhoea, lack of sleep, guilt, worry, crying. I just wanted my fur babies to come home.

Buzz automatically improved the minute he saw BF on Saturday. Boots couldn’t even be put on a drip as he ate through each needle they inserted. (Insert proud face here). I was a mess and I cried in front of our amazing vet and wished I could punch himself in the teeth.

We brought the boys home and they flourished over the next few days. Special prescription diets nearly bankrupted me but obviously I bought them every toy they saw too. My first and last dalliance with Mom Guilt.

Learning To Share | The Puppy Tale

Learning To Share | The Puppy Tale

So the weeks went by, training is going well, two healthy beasts have replaced my puppies and I’ve aged ten years.

Things I’ve learned in the past month-

  • I’m totally selfish, although this was swiftly beaten out of me
  • I struggle to be the Bad Cop; I’m a total pushover
  • I’ve never felt maternal before and this is it for any responsibilities
  • You’ll make time where possible for everything in your life- friends, sleep, eating..
  • Don’t leave any shoes you love lying around

I wouldn’t pass them up for the world and BF is still making it up to me, delivering wine and homemade pizza as I write this…

Learning To Share | The Puppy Tale

Things will get easier, they know to pee outside now.




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