July So Far!

Setting Goals

July So Far!

What day is it? I believe it’s Saturday. So July is pretty busy month, it’s Wedding season so I’m busy with gifts and sketches. The Gallery is busy because Killarney is full of visitors. So work wise I’m up the walls but very happy to be! Here is the sketch for the Winner of my recent competition…

July So Far!Personally July kicks off badly, my Grandad passed away 5 years ago this month and that still isn’t easy. He was  a wonderful man, so funny and handsome. At 65 it was far too young to go. He was an artist, thats where we all get it from, an absolute rock star and he was my hero. We miss him loads.

July So Far!

In other news there are a lot of Birthdays  to look forward too this month, my Nana, Sister and friends. So it’s nice to spend time with them. The boys were 5 months on the 11th and there is no sign of them slowing down any time soon.

There is going to be a little rebrand, ‘Little Things’ is getting a shake up. I’ll let you know in due course and let you in on a little secret too. I’m really happy with it actually, it came at a time when I was struggling to see what the next step was and this just propelled me into a decision which is so exciting!

July So Far!

Once the fine details have been sorted out and I actually have everything running smoothly I will let you know! I’m still filming, I still hate the sound of my voice and keep deleting footage. So YouTube may have to wait.

Thank you all for the support and love recently, I hit 500 followers on Facebook and I’m nearly at 2k on Instagram. It’s small but I’m really proud of that! We all started somewhere right?

Have a lovely weekend,





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  1. Ebony, what a month for you!! I look forward to what comes next!!! 💖

    1. It is always a busy month but this one seems to have knocked my for six! Looking forward to August though and spending some down time with everyone 🙂

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