Hello 2017…

Hello 2017…

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years!

I spent mine on the East Coast, back in Dun Laoghaire for a few nights, eating far too much food and consuming my own weight in prosecco. You only turn 26 once right? While we were away I was ‘reflecting’ on the year that had passed- sad for many but in hindsight quite a wonderful one for me. Topping it off, spending New Years in a house with MY painting on its wall was a highlight!

2016 was the year I finally packed in a job I hated and became self employed doing something I love!For which I’m eternally grateful! You can see what I do here! 🙂 I want to use this year to really enjoy the things I love- fashion, art and blogging.

This decision was inspired by some amazing women I was lucky enough to discover-

I’m going to start with my Mum- Felicia Thomas -for teaching me all the good stuff! Check out her website <3

Jemma of Dorkface and founder of The Girl Gang. A wonderfully nice and talented artist who is an all round great gal! Jemma reminded me that art isn’t something I had to shy away from and I’m so glad I discovered her Blog Stickers, my life is finally in order- If you don’t already follow her do it now.

Sarah of Blogs Vlogs Etc, my memory is absolutely shocking so I can’t remember how I came across BVE. I knew at the time I was searching for ‘The Perfect Desk’ & I was envious of the cute office space Sarah had created for herself. I instantly knew I would like her blog. Not only is it gorgeous, Sarah also covers my fave things (FOOD & beauty) I need to book myself a flight to Aberdeen asap as the food seems too good to be true.

Two women I knew of and followed but had never met were Emer and Viv. Last year Emer, who runs Irish Fashaholic, spoke at the Cloggers Afternoon Tea Event. Her talk was so inspiring and really got me thinking!

Emer and Viv started Lockdown Modelling Agency and Event Management from quite literally nothing. They created a career for themselves after noticing a gap in the fashion world. What I really admired was their love of Cork and how they built a business from home. I could go on forever about how these two amazing ladies and mothers to gorgeous kids became the ultimate Girl Bosses and changed their lives.

They held their 9th successful Cork Fashion Week this year and started what I hope will be a permanent fixture- The Fashion Hub. As events go, this was so relaxed, completely open to discussion and the best event I’ve attended. Emer and Viv had their children there, families, friends and the guest speakers who were so fun and interesting. A real get together for people who love fashion, their careers and want to spread the word on how they got there. I’m certainly attending the 10th Fashion Week in full this Summer!

All of the guest speakers were great to hear from, Ann Marie O Connor sorted out my wardrobe, James Kavanagh and Rob Kenny were hilarious (but I still don’t Snapchat) but it was Eimear Varian Barry who just blew me away! Mega babe and Mega Mom EVB also created a career for herself doing something she loves. I discovered her through Instagram and it continued from there- Eimear spoke about how normal her life was and it is just that that keeps me watching. From playing with her girls to figuring out flat pack furniture, it was her easy going attitude to life combined with hard work ethic that was intriguing.

What really stood out to me was her attitude to ‘Building Relationships’- not just with brands. How you can push yourself to creating the best work possible by talking about, bouncing ideas around and staying inspired. I’ve read plenty of blogs & articles and there is always something new about The EVB Edit. Hard work will pay off, not only will you curate a portfolio worth bragging about but you will also be able to lead a life you love.


I hope you all find inspiration from these women as I have! I have goals for this year that may be small beans to some but I have to start somewhere. I have so many ideas for my business but with only two hands it’ll be a slow process- one I hope will be worth it in the end!






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