Confidence is the key to Going Barefaced

Confidence is the key to Going Barefaced.

There is an inordinate amount of pressure put on women to look their very best. With the recent news that Alicia Keys and Cameron Diaz have stopped wearing make up altogether it got me thinking. A lot of women go to work everyday with make up ¬†and without and I have such a respect for people who can get up and put on a full face of makeup before work. Walking into Brown Thomas or Inglot at 9am makes me feel so bad- I could’ve made the effort, I don’t have the skills, Why don’t I look like them, I need everything on the display…

Instead my morning is a rushed concealer job with the absolutely necessary eyebrows so I don’t scare small children. Eyebrows have always been an issue for me- they don’t grow, are sparse and blonde. Lotions, potions, Castor oil, Vaseline, Billion dollar brows, tinting, I have had mine plucked once in 18 months. It’s time again to get them shaped but I’m at a loss. So filling in is my solution for now!

I have one dimple. Just the one. Which makes my smile lopsided. The other dimple resides on the end of my nose. Thanks nature. My jawline has one rounded and one pointed corner. My forehead resembles Gordon Ramsey’s. I have sat and studied this moonface in front of the mirror for as long I can remember. I’ve picked the worst parts about it and only in my twenties come to find nice things about it. My wrinkly eyes are like my Grandads but blue like my Dad, my Mum also has a wonky smile,when it’s sunny I get freckles, with makeup I can mask the rest. Why should I?

We are plagued with articles in the media that slate women- who wore it best, who has the worst cellulite, make up disasters, bad hair, the list goes on and on. Sometimes I stay in my pyjamas all day and just add lipstick. What would HEAT mag say about that?! For one I’d like to see a magazine building women up- congratulate women for making it through the day. Sarah Millican has set up an online magazine that is a breath of fresh air- articles written by women about women doing awesome women shit. No ‘look who’s got tanlines’ bullshit. Other good eggs doing us a favour are Caitlin Moran and Cherry Healy.
Don’t get me wrong I adore make up, applying, buying, fawning over cute packaging, even taking it off. Wearing it everyday so I don’t feel like people are looking at me is annoying. I want to leave the house and not feel judged. So going barefaced for a while is an option but ultimately it’s about being comfortable in your own skin.

So for now here is my no make up face, I’m sure Alicia wouldn’t approve the filter but you get no painted on eyebrows. I can’t be that exposed. Not just yet.

Confidence is the key to Going Barefaced
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3 Replies to “Confidence is the key to Going Barefaced”

  1. honestly I don’t get the whole celebrating the bare faced no make up thing. I have a bright red birthmark called a port wine stain on my face and I don’t wear make-up on a day to day basis. All my life I have dealt with the stares, the comments the pointing. A couple of years ago I found the no make up selfie craze really offensive. Like seriously, you ,(the collective you, not you personally) who has a perfectly symmetrical face, who can use any brand or type of make-up , who can walk down the street without people asking what happened to your face, wants to be applauded for not wearing make-up and having the “courage” to go bare faced???

    Please don’t think this is a personal attack on you, just maybe get you to think on how those who are not as fortunate as you may have a different view

    1. My blog post was intended to celebrate women with the courage to go bare faced when I couldn’t. I applaud anyone who goes without. I myself had crippling anxiety and I overcame my own mental issues. I agree not physical but none the less significant as a person. I also wasn’t asking anyone to agree with me. Nor did I intend to upset anyone. I think going ‘bare’ is brave. That was the point- you are incredibly brave.

  2. I guess I just dont see whats brave about not wearing make up, especially for people who dont have a facial disfigurement.

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