For nearly 3 years we tried to plan a trip away, things got in the way though- work, exams, a baby. The last time we had been away was for my 18th birthday to see the Mighty Boosh in the 3 arena?..the Point to you and me.

An escape and celebration of how far we have come was well and truly overdue. My exams were over, the baby was now 2 and half and Killarney had about as much appeal as something on the end of our shoes. Where would we go? Galway was calling. I was taking part in the Ring of Kerry Cycle for Down Syndrome Kerry in July so this was just another excuse as I needed to train. Gill planned for weeks, I’m not the best at planning and the window was tight. The greatest achievement to me was actually getting there. I drive a Renault Clio (extreme) and we wanted to bring our bikes… after plenty of swearing and roaring a reluctant Eoin came to the rescue and sorted it for us. No seats and two bikes in the back of my car, supported by our suitcases and helmets and we were off!

The excitement, our first time away without the baby, I missed him chatting away from the back seats so I couldn’t fathom what she was going through. I didnt bring it up we were free! As plenty of our friends had relocated here we planning to meet them, eat and drink and be Galwaygians for a few days.


Our hotel, the Victoria was so accommadating of us, storing our bikes and retrieving them whenever we needed! Galway has so much to offer and is such a young city that it makes you sad to come home to the beautiful but very old Killarney town. We were taken on a tour (I say that loosely) of the city; to an estuary (WOW!), Spanish arch, Tiger and their local haunts.

On both nights we ended up in the Roisin Dubh and I can safely say I loved it! Who gets to dance like a woman possessed to Stevie Nicks and told to fuck off when a friend requests Beyonce? Killarney is lacking in so much. We did cycle, although appreciating Connemara with a hangover isn’t the same!

g1.png    g4

If anyone was thinking of a quick weekend away or second guessing one- just go! Go to Galway or anywhere along the Wild Atlantic Way. It is beautifully wild, both people and coastline. Take your best friends and dance. Gill has supported me through the past 10 years and is like no other. When I eventually cycled across the finish line a few week later, she was waiting with limes and a bottle of gin. That’s friendship! So this post is dedicated to her-

Go hug your besties,


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