Electric Picnic ’15

Electric Picnic ’15

Electric Picnic '15I love music. I love food. I love wearing wellies. What combines all these things? Electric Picnic.

We have attended this wonderful festival a few times now and every year it just tops the Electric Picnic '15previous one. This year had some new attractions such as the 3Arena and Despacio, a dark dance tent that would not be out of place as an underground French club, uber hip, uber cool and no photos allowed. Just enjoy the moment! The balcony of the 3 Arena did have a great view of the stage but being in the crowd for Florence and Blur was magic you could not trade for a view. With face and body paint, an in-house dj and a selfie taking bedroom it didn’t disappoint!

No trip to EP is worth it unless you spend some time in Body and Soul. This is my Mecca. An area full of mystery, art, light installations and love. The main stage here gives us the likes of Daithi and Psycadelic Dust.Electric Picnic '15Electric Picnic '15 My opening act has to be Daithi every year I was really sad to find out he wasn’t playing a second set but he smashed it. Daily visits to the Salty Dog, Trailer Park and Trench town were made even more enjoyable by the lunatics we met there. Happy-go-lucky types that make you smile whenever you remember them. As for the Rave in the woods I only made it on the last night- I was feeling my age as I couldn’t keep up with the rest of them, it is an amazing sight to behold. A strange sight to see thousands of people standing in the pitch black between the trees all dancing as if it were the last thing to do on earth!

The Rubber Bandits were intelligent, outspoken and hilarious as per usual, the crowd was divided about their song choices but taking the underlying message mixed with wit I found it to be a breakthrough in how topics of taboo were discussed. As they ended their set with Horse Outside the place erupted forgiving any moral dilemmas the crowd might have been struggling with.

Between trying on wigs, entering the fun houses and watching the GladRagsGlamFags on stage we ate and drank far too much. Food is a highlight for me every year and I try to visit new stands and revisit if possible (or as many times I feel my waistline will let me) we were saved from a pretty awful hangover on the Saturday by Pieman.Electric Picnic '15Electric Picnic '15 Proper pies filled with chicken and sausage stuffing with gravy and mash. Who could refuse second visit on Sunday? not us. Thank you Pieman we couldn’t have done it without you. Breakfast needs for us are vital- a good cup of coffee and pop tarts were provided by a gang called the Cereal Killer Cafe- a group of saints who set us up nicely everyday with their loveliness. Pizzas, pastries, pesto pasta with pine nuts were as delicious as saying it aloud. Those P’s just roll off the tongue! Drinks in the arena were provided by Bacardi and to anyone who didn’t try the raspberry daiquiri you seriously missed out! Cocktail Cocktail (Bar and dance floor) drew a massive crowd with great tunes and drinks for the 3 days- I’m seriously hoping they are back next year! I completely overdid it so a detox is most definitely on the cards for now!

Electric Picnic '15As for the music I don’t really know where to start. My lifelong love for Damon Albarn was free for all to see as I finally got to see Blur play. I fangirled so hard. The new album was peppered with classics and the crowd was loving it! Florence was just mesmerizingly beautiful as she skipped and jumped around the place like a young deer- the set seemed so short and we wanted to hear more but with tight restrictions it ended at 11.50 on the dot! We didn’t see Sam Smith in person but we could hear perfectly from our camp as we stocked up for the evening ahead. Smaller attractions such as Hot Chip and Chvrches were amazing! We were all really disappointed by Underworld, a strange crowd with even stranger weather just put us off and we set of for an early night.Electric Picnic '15

Overall I could go on and on about EP until next year but I won’t. I will just say that if you get the chance to go, you won’t just go the once. The organisers of this festival are amazing and I hope they continue to do what they do best. It is a magical weekend that is truly like slipping down the rabbit hole- the sad thing is it has to end and the week ahead is sad one. As I write this I receive an email about 2016 tickets… see you next year.



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  1. Raspberry daquairis and Eoin in the same place, sounds like heaven! Good read Eb 🙂

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