Colouring Books with Natasha Itzcovitz

Colouring Books with Natasha Itzcovitz

As an artist I spend quite a lot of time ‘colouring in’, and as much as I enjoy it, it’s still work. Adult colouring books are the answer to enjoying some down time after a busy day.

My favourite smells in the world are coffee, new pencils and basil. I can indulge in two of my faves while I colour away to my hearts content.

As the phenomenon of Adult Colouring books continues to please us I had grown a little tired of the same styles. I adored my Harry Potter and Roald Dahl books but they were filling up.

Coincidentally I received a press release about The Whimsical Fashion Colouring Book, which was just up my street! As a fashion blogger and long time vetements enthusiast, Natasha’s illustrations filled me with joy!  Colouring Books with Natasha Itcovitz

From cover to cover the pages are adorned with Fashion icons and Historic figures such as Marie Antoinette and Jane Austen.

As an artist and now fan, I had to know more and Natasha kindly agreed to an interview-

What inspired you to start drawing? 

My mum encouraged my twin brother and I to draw as soon as we could pick up a pen! From a young age, we would sit in front of the television and draw stacks of drawings. I’ve always drawn fashion and people and I used to sneakily draw in all my school books too.

Is the history of fashion an everyday influence on your own wardrobe?

I love visiting the V&A, vintage films and looking at my mum’s old magazines and would say this has influenced my art mostly and some of my own wardrobe. My personal style is currently a cute twist on 90’s grunge. I love wearing smock dresses with boots and oversized jumpers, some of which are from my mum, vintage and charity shops. I’m obsessed with chokers and headscarves too.

Did you have any style icons in mind when creating this book? Anybody you just had to Include?

I knew that I wanted to have Twiggy and Jane Austin immediately when I started drawing my book, then I thought of how I love the frills and girliness of Mary Antoinettea bit later.

Colouring books are a wonderful stress reliever and hobby. Was this an influence to produce one?

I was selling a lot of mindful stress-relieving books in my retail job and I thought of how I could make mine to have a fun and kooky fashion edge too – I hope my book can make people smile as well as be calming! I personally draw every day and it’s great to pass the time on train journeys.

Who would your ultimate dinner guests be?

Dougie Poynter would be my ultimate dinner guest. He’s been my hero and fashion icon since high school and I’d love to talk to him. Richard Ayoade and Steven Fry would be great because they are both so interesting and funny. It’d also be cool to have Paul McCartney so I can hear all about the Beatles and Karl Lagerfeld because he’s a mad creative fashion genius!

Kindred spirits it would seem! This book would make for an awesome gift for teenagers & young adults and is available to order from Easons (€12.59)

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