My Casual Everyday Uniform

Hello YouTube!

My Casual Everyday Uniform On a day to day basis I’m usually in something casual and comfy. As soon as I get home I change into pyjamas. It’s true one of my BFs friends thought I never got dressed. Take your shaming looks and sashay away son. My utter delight when pj style clothing hit […]

Happy Easter Bunnies!

Happy Easter Bunnies!

Happy Easter Bunnies!  Taking this weekend to set up my workshop/office so expect tonnes of blog posts/sketches soon. It’s been a few stressful weeks but it’s finally coming together. I feel so grateful for our new home and that I can really start getting to work. I love sketching it’s such an escape and it’s […]

TheWeekendEdit | New Project

A new project I’m working on- TheWeekendEdit. I love sketching and fashion so lets combine the two! From shoes, bags, makeup and everything in between- I’ll be posting one or two sketched each weekend.     For sketches and prints, visit the Shop section or email me Have a gorgeous weekend everyone! ebony x […]

Welcoming Spring!

Welcoming Spring!  Despite the freezing cold day (and bemused builders) I had to get out into the sun for some photos! I was really hoping for some heat on my bones but there was no warmth whatsoever. When Muckross is right across the road from my house it’s a shame I don’t spend more time […]

On Trend -The Bell Sleeve

On Trend -The Bell Sleeve It has been a crazy week. From tech issues to paperwork & everything in between, I’m beat. We travelled to Dublin for Showcase on Monday which was incredible. It has made my goals list a little longer and inspired me to work harder. While in Dublin I couldn’t resist a […]