My Casual Everyday Uniform

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My Casual Everyday Uniform

On a day to day basis I’m usually in something casual and comfy. As soon as I get home I change into pyjamas. It’s true one of my BFs friends thought I never got dressed. Take your shaming looks and sashay away son.

My utter delight when pj style clothing hit the shops, although living in Ireland, a silk cammo should come with a safety glasses warning you know?

To the ladies who rock this look I salute you! I’ll still be wearing fluffy socks around the house mid July.

Therefore once I find trousers that feel like I’m still in my home comforts I’m all over it! These slim leg slacks were found in New Look and I truly love them. A cheeky ankle still achievable while nipping you in at the waist and all black. A god send if ever I came across a one.

As much as I like a skinny jean sometimes my body refuses to contract enough to get through the day. Hence the dash upstairs to change once I’m home. Teamed with-

my favourite slogan tee (found in a discount shop on a girly trip to Galway),

vintage Levi’s denim jacket ( Hazel will hook you up),

cute striped bag from Tiger (which cost €3 and yes I bought it in teal too)

Itll just brighten my day straight away!

My Casual Everyday Uniform

My Casual Everyday Uniform

My Casual Everyday Uniform

My Casual Everyday Uniform

My Casual Everyday Uniform

Major props to himself who went all out to get these shots before breakfast, thanks babe.

Have a gorgeous weekend everyone,



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  1. That’s such a cute and comfortable look, gorgeous on you 🙂

    1. Thanks Noelle! Always looking for comfort 🙂

  2. I am loving that Tee 👌gorge
    Did he use a ladder😅

    1. Ha! Thanks Marie, its ancient now but I adore it. You should have seen the angles he was throwing 🙂

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