Believing in the Positive.

Believing in the Positive.

Until I hit my mid-twenties I was the ultimate pessimist. I was a miserable, glass half-empty gal. Getting out of bed was tough.

Nothing went the way I thought it would, I could wallow in my own self pity for weeks on end.

I realised, after too long, I was the only person going to drag my ass out of my situation. I’m not about to get preachy here but I started writing down what I wanted from life. Repeating them when I woke up in the morning and again before sleeping.

Realistic goals I could achieve- winning the lottery would still help mind- that I could work towards and build on.

  1. Many people would love your job, suck it up, you can pay your bills. (I hated my job with a passion)
  2. Be kind to people, it may be the only kindness they receive.
  3. Know your worth, it is OK to say no.
  4. I want for nothing, I have everything I need. (Very true, I just needed reminding)
  5. You will achieve your goals and more with hard work.
  6. Drink more water.

I repeated this day in & day out for about two years. Yes it took a while and it worked. I struggled but was able to achieve what I set out to do. In many ways my situation hasn’t changed but I’m much happier with what I have.

To people who are feeling down about their situation but can’t change it, write down what you want from life- it completely changes your mind set and does become a positive and healthy outlook in time.

Now my mantra has changed- I am strong, successful, happy and positive (And remember to drink more water).

I’m much more comfortable in myself, happy I’m not competing with others and wake up grateful everyday. Reminding myself of this everyday, I feel I could take on the world!

What goals would you set or already set?



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