Hello YouTube!

Hello YouTube!

Hello YouTube! I actually did it! I started a YouTube channel. This may be a short dalliance but I have really enjoyed the filming and editing process. Weekly vlogs may be fleeting but I have a tonne of house project videos coming so I’d love if you checked them out! Since we moved I have had […]

July So Far!

Catching Up!

July So Far! What day is it? I believe it’s Saturday. So July is pretty busy month, it’s Wedding season so I’m busy with gifts and sketches. The Gallery is busy because Killarney is full of visitors. So work wise I’m up the walls but very happy to be! Here is the sketch for the Winner […]

New Works

New Works Hi everybody, So the last few weeks have been crazy busy with all kinds of things. My online shop is under construction so please bare with me for a little while. You can still visit my Etsy here. I’ve been so grateful to everyone who has been in contact for orders and designs, […]

My Casual Everyday Uniform

Hello YouTube!

My Casual Everyday Uniform On a day to day basis I’m usually in something casual and comfy. As soon as I get home I change into pyjamas. It’s true one of my BFs friends thought I never got dressed. Take your shaming looks and sashay away son. My utter delight when pj style clothing hit […]